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If there is any region of France which is just as fascinating as it is unique and exotic, it is probably the Camargue. Bulls, boats, pink flamingos: the lovely sights and variety of these things make the Camargue a place which is totally on its own and out of the ordinary. Caught between the two estuaries of the Rhone, this astonishing region has many surprises in store for all those who are interested and want to take the opportunity during the summer season to stride across the striking landscape of this famous region. In order for you to get more out of your immersion in this environment between land and water, here is a little whistlestop tour of all the attractions to visit in the region during your stay at the Pascalounet campsite.

Situated just a few kilometres from Martigues, the Camargue welcomes you with plenty of activities throughout the summer. In just a few minutes, you can find yourself at the heart of the incredible Camargue landscape.

First and foremost, a thorough exploration of the region by familiarising yourself with the sometimes surprising scenery of this large stretch of land, situated between two arms of the Rhône, will charm you. Swamps, horses and pink flamingoes are always on cue for the tourists who seek peace and solace in the local countryside and atmosphere. Before exploring the possibilities selected by the Camargue tourist office and earmarked as a summer activity, you must be aware you have access to the charms of the region if you go alone into areas which are protected and listed as countryside heritage sites. The Camargue can also boast of having beautiful regions listed in Natura 2000. This commitment to respecting the fauna and flora makes it a particularly pleasant place for walking, for all those who do not have the time or sufficient freedom to be able to fully participate in activities organised by the region’s office for tourism.

Neverthless, for all those who want guidance in their discovery of the local heritage, the Camargue office for tourism suggests many activities to help you get the best out of your journey through the Rhône delta. Do not hesitate to ask for information at the campsite reception.

Therefore, you will be able, for example,to join in with activities organised locally at the Méjanes estate, bought by Paul Ricard in 1939. A land of black bulls and rice, this magnificent area is also a pivotal place in history, since it was one of the landmarks used by the Knights Templar. It must be noted that in mid-July, the estate organises a ’feria’ [festival] of the horse; the opportunity for lovers of beautiful horses to come and celebrate an extraordinary event, which will bring pleasure to both young and old.

Busy for the entire summer season, the region overflows
with things to do, which are just as much an opportunity to benefit from a novel Provence holiday. So, you will be able go to the Camargue and explore the Little Rhône and the Hérault in a kayak, or else even gallop across the wild, preserved, natural landscape of the marshes. Athletic types will not lose out in the region since, every year, it is possible to rent mountain bikes and work out a Provence endurance holiday. Lovers of hiking will be equally well served since numerous routes are available for ramblers in the hunt for local sights, sounds and discoveries. And if you are not in the mood for a tour in a 4x4 or to stride along the dirt roads of the Camargue, much more contemplative activities are also suggested every year to visitors. Therefore, you will equally benefit from your trip across the region by attending its annual equestrian shows, which are a feast for the eyes, or else by turning to gentle activities, for example by taking an introductory course in quilting or in sewing...

Finally, the Camargue beneath the summer sun is also an invitation to drift off into rest and relaxation. Bring your swimsuit and come and discover unusual and unspoiled places where you can walk and have a dip. For all those who want to bake themselves in the sun for ages, be aware it is possible to rent private beaches for several hours; a question of feeling perfectly at peace. This foretaste of paradise in the midst of nature is one of many things that the Camargue can promise all those holiday makers who want to combine a change of scene with a break.

So, don’t waste another second and make the most of your stay at the Pascalounet Campsite by exploring the attractions and pleasures of the Camargue, a region which is as surprising as it is restful.

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