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A few kilometres from your campsite you will find Martigues, a charming town situated on the Mediterranean coast, right next to the Berre lagoon. Long favoured by painters and other types of artist, this town in its magnificent setting continues to arouse the interest of visitors. This spot offers tourists the possibility of visiting numerous cultural sites loaded with history.

Holidays in Martigues: a magical landscape

You will be enchanted by the flowered expanses of Martigues. In fact, you can find magnificent Mediterranean flowers everywhere in the town, but also in the places specially reserved for them, the town’s greenhouses. It is not for nothing that the town received the national prize for its blooms in 1996.
Moreover, this town is not only right by the sea but also borders the legendary Berre lagoon. In summer, it is very pleasant to walk on the beach or quite simply to sit beside the water. If it is very hot, you can chill out in total peace. If you prefer town walks, you will enjoy discovering the three districts of Ferrières, Ile district, and Jonquières at the very heart of the town. Three key areas you must not miss on any account.

Holidays in Martigues: an area loaded with history

If you spend your vacation near Martigues, you need to know you will enjoy a carefree and uplifting visit in this town, which is both historic and modern. Architecture from the Gallo-Roman era is everywhere and blends in perfectly with more recent buildings. The monuments and the sites to be found at Martigues are all listed and protected. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the traces of a former era, alone, with your family or amongst friends.

Holidays in Martigues: many things to do

Even if you visit the town, you will also be able to avail yourself of various activities, cultural as well as related to the sea. You can explore a variety places, such as the Ziem museums which have earned recognition amongst the museums of France, the Martigues history exhibition, the Prosper Gnidaz film theatre, the Salins national theatre and of course, other highly intriguing places. You will also be able to visit one of the high points of the town, packed with history, i.e. Calen. This is one of the last places where the ‘Bottarga’ is fished. Here, you will be given a guided tour showing you the town, its history, ancient and modern, the different stages in its construction, the civilisations which have existed at Martigues... Lovers of night-time strolls will be able to discover the heritage of the Île district as well as Jonquières with its night market.

Opportunities for various aquatic activities

If you like boat trips, you will be able to come up from ‘1000 portholes’, one of the canals of the ‘Venice of Provence’. Small skiffs set sail from the port at Ferrières or from Paul Doumer Quai. At Martigues, wherever you are, you have easy access to the sea. You will also have the chance to rent boats, pedaloes, sailboards... Martigues is a place which is convenient for various aquatic activities, so you will be able to experience the joys of marine sports. Whether undersea diving, rowing or even on a surfboard, both young and old are bound to find something to keep them happy. Aquatic sports professionals will be there to welcome you and introduce you to these various pastimes.

Holidays at Martigues: delicious cuisine too!

If you drop by Martigues, it would be a shame to overlook the culinary specialities particular to the town. You will have the opportunity to savour typical mouth-watering Martigues dishes, such as brouillade d’œufs with bottarga, or even bourride, a dish consisting of various fish: sea bream, cod, monkfish and vegetables. You will see that Martigues is a town which not only loves to maintain its cultural and historic roots, but also its culinary heritage. This is the reason why a large number of Martigues restaurants offer menus based on local specialities.

Besides containing a great deal of cultural, historic and maritime richness... Martigues claims to be a particularly welcoming and warm town which is a nice place to be... This 4th biggest town in the Département of Bouches du Rhône always wins the hearts of tourists coming to discover its treasures.

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